Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sperm on Food
Eating semen with every meal to lose weight

The end of obesity in America; sperm, the Man Juice Diet.

  Obese women have a new hope, a natural process called "cachexia."  This is were the human body liquefies all excess fat and absorbs or expels it.  This is the process we see when a cancer patient suddenly gets skinny, an unfortunate situation for someone who is sick, but a blessing to someone who's excess weight is killing them.

The good news is semen swallowing, or semen in food, triggers cachexia.  The problem for some morbidly obese women may be in trying to get enough semen to get the process started.  Most obese women have self esteem issues and so are unlikely to have the multiple boyfriends required to get the more than three ejaculations per day required.  

Semen must be eaten with every meal, and some obese women are eating more than three times a day.

It may be uncomfortable for the women most in need of this diet to go on a dating site, like, and honestly fill out a profile describing themselves.  Then she has to admit she is seeking "chubby chasers" who will masturbate onto her food.  She may be unwilling to offer oral sex, or to pose naked.
She may be ashamed to have men come to her home and jerk off in front of her. 

She may even be reluctant to eat all of her food mixed with sperm from strangers.  The thing hardest for her to get is the very thing she most needs to eat.