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Doctor jerks off on patient's face.  Why?

Semen donation in sample jar

The 10 Strangest Ancient/Outdated Sex Beliefs

Semen Therapy in a Glass

Painting of Cooking with Sacred Semen

Bride Sacred Vagina

Glory Hole pub and eatery

Egyptian Ejaculation
Relief showing a ceremony with the pharaoh supposedly ejaculating, Luxor Temple.
Written in hieroglyphs through the ejaculate appears to be a hieroglyph for semen or
sperm (see magnification inset). Microscopes were only invented 500 years ago
so how did they know what sperm looked like in Ancient Egyptian times?!

Do You Know Your BIG Numbers
Million: 1,000,000
Billion: 1,000,000,000
Trillion: 1,000,000,000,000
Quintillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
Sextillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Nonillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Centillion: 1 followed by 303 zeros

Living Water - but you will receive power when the holy spirit comes on you!

An ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen
Here’s a snapshot of other recent findings from Gallup’s lab: semen-exposed women perform better on concentration and cognitive tasks;

women’s bodies can detect “foreign” semen that differs from their recurrent sexual partner’s signature semen, an evolved system that, Gallup believes, often leads to unsuccessful pregnancies because it signals a disinvested male partner who is not as likely to provide for the offspring;

women who had unprotected sex with their ex-partners—and therefore were getting regularly inseminated—experience more significant depression on breaking up than those who were not as regularly exposed to their ex’s semen (and they also go on the “rebound” faster in seeking new sexual partners, which presumably would help fix their semen-deprived depression).

And the list goes on.

The practice of passing on of manly virtue or other skills by donating semen was not restricted to New Guinea, although it was most widely studied and recorded there. In some Australian aboriginal groups, such as the Bora of the Kimberley region, drinking semen formed a part of intitiation rites. In Brazil, apprentice healers learned their skills from older, experienced healers - and did so by "sexual communication". In parts of northern Morocco, an important skill for young boys was the ability to learn the Koran, but they believed this was impossible until they had first been penetrated. The ability to learn the Koran was passed on to the new generation in the semen of their elders.

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Do you know that cum has cancer-fighting agents in it as well as almost every other vitamin the human body needs? Did you know it can reduce the chances for breast cancer by up to 50% when consumed 3+ times a week?

No, seriously. It's semen therapy. Mmm. Yay for sexy health benefits!!

Live Jasmin applet
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Semen Therapy Topic

Swallowing semen on an empty stomach can cause nausea.
Semen in a glass of cola causes the colour to break up.

testosterone treatment

Semen Therapy for Men

Women Who Swallow and the men who love them

Is swallowing sperm actually good for you?

Absolutely! A Danish research team conducted extensive tests on the nutritional/health effects of semen as food source. Their findings are quite remarkable. They discovered that semen improves memory, encourages hair growth (restorative), protects against colds and virus infections,fights depression,builds bone and muscle mass,heightens the senses,cures athletes foot, removes skin blemishes, firms,tones and tightens skin, destroys cellulite,builds athletic and sexual stamina,aids in digestion,improves vocal ability,cures menstrual cramps and bloating,helps to alleviate the symptoms of many psychological ailments such as PT SD, ADD, Bi Polar and Manic Depression, O/C disorders,PMS,SAD, multiple personality disorders,DUM, adds luster to fingernails, and that's just the beginning! They also discovered that women who consumed just 10 cc's of fresh semen daily had a much more fulfilling relationship and satisfied significant others. Bon Apetit!

wikipedia look alike


Can the human male's semen be a substitute to the multi-vitamin?

Ladies: Do you ever have a craving to just swallow a load?

What Are The Nutrition Facts Of Semen? -- strong fingernails

Seminal plasma contains minerals such as zinc and calcium, both of which are known to inhibit tooth decay.

Do boys see girls who give blow jobs as easy or slutty?

Is it safe to swallow semen?
In fact, if the man is healthy, there are far far fewer germs in semen (almost none, really) than there would be in his saliva, so swallowing semen is less likely to cause any problem than a deep tongue kiss

Semen contains a high amount of vitamin E which is good for skin and nails.

Slowing Ageing With Semen
Austrian researchers believe that a compound in human semen can have a dramatic impact on life span. Biochemists Frank Madeo and Tobias Eisenberg at the University of Graz led a team to test the effects of a substance known as spermidine. In yeast, spermidine was shown to increase life span by as much as a factor of four; in fruit flies, up to 30%; and in worms, up to 15%. When spermidine was applied to human immune cells, they too lived longer, with three times as many surviving after 12 days as in a comparison batch.

Spermidine works, the researchers show, by promoting the cellular process of autophagy — a kind of self-cleaning that, Eisenberg says, "removes cellular garbage such as clumped proteins or damaged or defective cellular organelles." Those things might otherwise harm the body.

I was reading "Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex" today, by Mary Roach, and she talked about some people's beliefs in the rejuvenating power of sperm

I jokingly told my new wife that swallowing would prevent colds and sore throats, which she seemed prone to. So, she starting swallowing twice a week or more … and she went over six years without a cold or sore throat!
"Just more proof that semen therapy works!"

Semen Swallowing

All That Jizz: Extolling the Virtues of Semen
“Semen Therapy is the practice of swallowing a healthy man’s semen, three times a week or more, for the health benefits.” – Semen Therapy

It seems to me that the solution for those who want the semen and those who want their semen to be swallowed, is public glory holes.

Two separate corridors with holes in the walls. Anonymity, safety, expedience and spares the straight donors from having to stress that it’s a man sucking them off.